Every year, Jazz International Rotterdam presents The Pack Project, led by an emerging young artist. This year the leader of the pack is the rebellious saxophone player Alba Gil Aceytuno. In recent years she has taken stages by storm with her trio Amaguk, sharing with audiences her explosive cocktail of jazz, improvisation and electro. For the Pack Project, Gil Aceytuno and the Festival Jazz International Rotterdam have put together a whole new band (‘The Pack’), which will perform in both Nijmegen and Rotterdam.

In this one-off formation Gil Aceytuno will present a new set brimming with influences of all kinds — from punk to classical, and with a generous helping of African and Canary folklore thrown in as well. The young musician has spent years practicing circular breathing techniques, a skill that we will certainly hear in these special compositions. As a result, her saxophone sometimes plays more of a supporting role, a stark contrast with the bombastic sounds we normally hear from her, but no doubt giving an interesting twist to the new music from this up-and-coming talent.