The Rotterdam saxophone player Kika Sprangers has been maturing beyond the status of emerging talent for some time, and she has been gradually conquering hearts across the country. In 2019 Sprangers made the highly successful programme No Man’s Land for the Grachtenfestival. This year she is taking that programme on tour, starting at Festival Jazz International Rotterdam.

Together with the rebellious Pynarello, Sprangers’ quartet – including Wolfert Brederode on piano – presents additional pieces that elaborate on the theme of No Man’s Land, namely the position of women in society today. The focus on women sometimes drives men and women apart. Men can feel excluded, cannot identify with the theme or can be reluctant to voice their views on the subject. This programme is Sprangers’ way of seeking reconciliation.

No Man’s Land is about connection and emotion. Character must be the priority; gender comes afterwards. Or does all this not matter at all?