At Jazz International 2020, Music Meeting is also presenting Witch ‘n Monk (formerly known as Bitch ’n’ Monk). This Berlin duo features the idiosyncratic flutist Mauricio Velasierra and Heidi Heidelberg on guitar and vocals. Their cross-genre music races, swings and snakes from anarchic punk to jazz and back again. Witch ’n’ Monk explores the musical fringes with a blend of Latin-American flute, analogue electronics and a good helping of uncompromising improvisation.

Last May, Witch ’n’ Monk presented their latest album on Tzadik Records. The international press was completely hooked by this new musical achievement, some of which they will no doubt be performing at Jazz International.

Witch ‘n Monk is taking the stage twice at Jazz International, in Nijmegen and Rotterdam. At both events they will be accompanied by a soloist and major talent in free improvisation. In Nijmegen the Berlin duo will be joined by viola player and Boy Edgar prize-winner Oene van Geel. In Rotterdam, Witch ‘n Monk welcome Jorrit Westerhof, who spearheads the Rotterdam impro-scene.