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Otto Reuchlinweg 996
3072 MD Rotterdam
Tel: 010 277 2277

About Festival Jazz International Rotterdam

Since 2001, Rotterdam has organised a successful jazz festival with up-to-date, adventurous and high-quality jazz. Festival Jazz International Rotterdam offers a multi-day jazz program of national and international allure with ample attention for Rotterdam creators, young talent, new projects and in-depth peripheral programming.

Festival Jazz International Rotterdam is intimate. It offers visitors (and the artists) an adventurous and intense music experience. As a result, it has acquired its own identity and place within the Rotterdam, national and now also international jazz scene. Since 2016, this festival has collaborated with a sister festival, which takes place simultaneously: Festival Jazz International Nijmegen.

The scene and sound of Rotterdam

Jazz International Rotterdam ascertains that Rotterdam needs a strong ecosystem propitious to the creation and stimulation of a high-quality jazz scene. Jazz creators, artists, composers, musicians from and in Rotterdam must be able to (further) develop their art and build up an audience. This is why there is a lot of room for musicians with a foot in Rotterdam and their projects during Festival Jazz International Rotterdam.

What the Rotterdam artists present, we put in context and enrich with the addition of (inter) national artists. Jazz, hip hop, electronics, impro and many crossovers characterize the program, all of which with a distinctive Rotterdam character. Anyone who wants to discover innovative music and experience it in an intimate setting, close to the musicians should not miss Festival Jazz International Rotterdam at the end of October.


  • Programmers: Marzio Scholten and Wim Westerveld
  • Director: Sophie Blussé
  • Back office: Marjolein Roozen
  • Production: Agnita Hoek
  • Marketing & communication: Sophie Conin / Poppins Purse Productions
  • Design: Marcel van den Broek / OAK studio
  • Website: René Keser / Donc
  • Videos: Galed Hamed / Studio Joe Amsterdam
  • Texts: Sophie Blussé & Arlette Hovinga
  • Translation: Billy Nolan



You can find answers to many practical questions about the programme, starting times, venues and suchlike on this website and under the heading FAQ.  If you cannot find the information you need, please contact:


For press requests, please contact Sophie Conin,

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Collaboration partners

  • LantarenVenster
  • Festival Jazz International Nijmegen
  • Rotterdam Festivals
  • Music Meeting Festival

This festival is part of Rotterdam Festivals agenda. Full overview of activities on

Funds & subsidizers

  • Gemeente Rotterdam
  • Fonds Podiumkunsten
  • Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht
  • Sena Performers
  • Van Cappellen Stichting
  • Stichting Verzameling van Wijngaarden-Boot

About Festival Jazz International Nijmegen

Rotterdam and Nijmegen will team up for the fifth time in 2020. We are committed to presenting a number of interesting new national and international jazz names and exchanging local talents.
Find out more about the Festival Jazz International Nijmegen. 

Frequently asked questions

Are the concerts seated or standing?

In compliance with Covid-19 health measures, there will be only seated places at the festival in 2020.

Is it allowed to bring your own drinks to the festival?

No, this is not allowed. You can order drinks at the bar at the venue.

Is the festival easily accessible by public transport or by car?

LantarenVenster is easily accessible by public transport and by car. See information about accessibility on the LantarenVenster website.


Is the festival accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes. Please let us know in advance to the festival organization to, so we can offer the necessary guidance.

Can I bring a photo camera, film camera or IPad to the festival?

Many music lovers would prefer to capture all their favorite artists with their own cameras. Nice to watch at home, nice for later! We understand that all too well.
However, you do enjoy the music more if you listen and do not take photos, and our hired photographers provide beautiful photos that you can enjoy afterwards on our website and social media.
This is why we have the following camera policy: only accredited press photographers are allowed to take professional cameras and take photos or film recordings during the festival. Other recording equipment, (semi-professional) cameras and cameras with a removable lens are not permitted. IPads and other tablets are also NOT allowed, partly due to the nuisance they create to other members of the public.

Festival visitors are allowed to take compact cameras, but should take into account the following: DO NOT use FLASH (a request from many artists to the festival organization so that they are not disturbed during their performance) and make sure that you do not disturb the sight and pleasure of other spectators.

Why do I have to pay a service charge when purchasing a ticket?

You pay service costs because we use an external ticketing system. The amount includes the costs that are directly related to the ticket. Think of the costs for scanning, the help desk, back office, data communication, access control, people who enter the performances in the ticketing system and so forth.

Do children also have access to the festival?

Of course! Up to 16 years old under the supervision of an adult (18+).